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Ellsworth . . . the name is enough to conjure up images of epic cattle drives, saloon-filled streets, and cowboys "hoorahing" the town on mustangs snortin' fire!

To the cowboys, Ellsworth was a Mecca. Money, women and drink flowed with abandon, while in the shadows, Texas cattle were making their way to the dinner plates of the North.

One Texan recalled, "We went from the mouth of the Nueces River to Ellsworth, Kansas, without going through a gate" . . . Today surrounding grasslands offer up the kind of vistas that will convince anyone that this truly is the Old West.

Slow down and enjoy life in Ellsworth. Ranching and farming are still the mainstay of the community. No flash or glitter here, just good folks and good times. Enjoy 19th century shopping everyday. It's the genuine article at the "end of the trail" in Ellsworth.

" The  Wickedest 

Cattle  Town in the West "


Places to Visit

Ellsworth Historical Plaza Walking Tour
South Main & North Main Streets
(785) 472-4071
Tour original cattletown business district along Kansas’ first railroad. Tour consists of 17 interpretive signs.

Hodgden House Museum Complex
104 W. South Main • (785)-472-3059
Exhibits of early Ellsworth County history. This is the starting point for historic walking tour.

Rancho Milagro Guest Ranch
Hwy 140, 1 mile S. on 24th Rd
1/4 mile, Ave.K 785-472-4666
Nature Walks & Tours-TrailsRides-Horseback Riding

Ellsworth Chamber of Commerce

114 1/2 N. Douglas
Ellsworth, Kansas 67439


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